Tips for Washing Your Corvette

Washing your Corvette regularly is a vital step in proper Corvette care. Dirt, pollen, bugs, and dust are contaminants that leave lasting damage to your paint if not treated properly. Depending on where you live, we recommend washing your Corvette every two-weeks to keep everything looking its best.

1.       Select the Right Supplies  

When it comes to washing your Corvette, you want to make sure you have the right supplies on hands.

  • Car Wash Soap: Never use dish soap on your vehicle. Dish soap is an abrasive substance that’s great at removing dirt, but also breaks down grease and wax. Select a quality car wash that is pH-balanced and formulated to remove dirt without stripping away wax.
  • Soft Brush: A soft brush is ideal for washing wheels.
  • Wash Mitt: Look for a wash mitt composed of lambskin/wool or microfiber cloth
  • Two Buckets: We recommend the two-bucket washing method. Fill one bucket with the car-wash soap mixed with water and the second bucket with water. Use the water bucket to wash your mitt/brush after each section, before dipping back into the soap bucket. This will prevent contamination of the soap bucket and reapplying dirt to your vehicle.
  • Waffle-Weave Drying Towel: It can absorb 10 times its weight in water and will not scratch your car’s finish.
  • Microfiber Detailing Towel: Use to remove water from hidden crevices on the trunk, hood, and door jams.

2.       Wash in the Shade

It’s never a good idea to wash a Corvette in direct sunlight or extreme heat. Direct sunlight could lead to premature drying and unwanted water spots. For best results, move your car to a shaded spot before washing and make sure the surface is not hot to the touch.

3.       Start with the Wheels

The wheels are the dirtiest portion of any vehicle, therefore it’s always best practice to start here. Use a soft brush, especially in the crevices, and take the two-bucket approach.  No special soap is required, as quality car wash soap works great for tires.

Discard the soap and water from your buckets once the wheels are done. You will want to start with fresh mixes for the reminder of the Corvette.

4.       Wash from the Top Down

Before you start, inspect your Corvette for any dirt, bugs, sap, or anything else that should be addressed before washing. Lift your hood and discard any build-up of leaves or twigs. You will want to remove any pieces to prevent scratches or nicks.

Rinse the car, starting at the top and working your way down. You will want to make sure your car stays wet through the entire washing process to prevent wet spots.

Using the two-bucket method, start with the roof of the Corvette. If it’s a convertible top, you will want to use a soft-bristle brush in soapy water to work the dirt out of the grain using small, circular motions. From there, work your way around the car in sections, making sure to use light strokes to wipe and lift dirt. You want to avoid dragging dirt and contaminants across the vehicle. This could lead to scratches and marks.

Once you’ve finished, go back over the car one last time with a soapy wash mitt, then one last final rinse using a gentle stream of water. Rinse from the top down.

5.       Towel Dry

Finally, it’s time to towel dry. Lay the waffle-weave drying towel on the surface of the Corvette and apply light pressure to soak up the water. Lift up and wring out the towel before repeating the motion around the vehicle. This method has less motion and less chances for scratches.

For crevices around the truck, hood and door jam, you’ll want to use a microfiber detailing towel.

Finally, your Corvette is ready to go. Take it for a drive and show off its glistening post-wash exterior.

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Can a Corvette be a daily driver?

When you consider what cars are designed for daily driving, you may not immediately think of a Corvette. Corvettes are synonymous with the utmost luxury and speed, qualities that put them in a class of their own.

However, today’s Corvettes are more than showpieces that should be saved just for special occasions. Learn why a Corvette can be a great choice when you’re in the market for a reliable daily use vehicle.


A Corvette gives you advantages that simply cannot be found in other makes and models. Along with its beautiful and sturdy design, this car gets fantastic gas mileage. Today’s Corvettes can get as much as 17 miles to the gallon for city and 29 miles for highway driving.

Corvettes are also built for speed. You can easily go from zero to 60 mph in as little as 41 seconds. While you won’t be able to push those limits as much as you’d like in commuter traffic, there’s always the peace of mind knowing the option is available when the roads do open up.

Finally, today’s new Corvettes come with one-of-a-kind technology that makes daily driving fun, convenient, and safer than ever. These cars are now available with extras like:

  • Apple CarPlay
  • Power-closing trunks
  • Front and rear parking cameras
  • Heated seats
  • World-class sound systems
  • OnStar and Bluetooth capabilities
  • Central touchscreen control panels
  • Keyless ignition

Some of the other features that you get with a new or pre-owned Corvette include anti-lock brakes, side impact airbags, and stability and traction control. The safety features combined with the newest automobile technology make Corvettes some of the best vehicles available today for daily driving.


Despite these amazing advantages, there are a few lesser downsides that come with driving your Corvette everyday. For starters, you put your car insurance to the test every time you leave your driveway. Because Corvettes are such top-notch luxury vehicles, you always must be on guard to ensure that your car is not stolen.

You also need to keep an eye out for anything that might damage your car. Something as simple as parking next to a cart corral at a grocery store could cause your car to suffer dents and scratches. To protect your vehicle, you may need to park farther away from other vehicles in the parking lot.

Still, the advantages of driving a Corvette everyday far outweigh these downsides. Check out Rick Hendrick’s Corvettes full selection of new and pre-owned Corvettes today.

Corvette Birthday Parties

While nothing says “Best. Birthday. Ever.” like opening the door to a brand new Corvette, having a Corvette-themed birthday party could be a close second. The classic red color scheme, checkered flags, homemade pit stops….what Corvette enthusiast wouldn’t be impressed?

Whether you’re turning one, fifty, or one-hundred; the love for Corvettes spans generations. Most importantly, there is no age limit when it comes to having a Corvette-themed birthday party.  From the classic car enthusiast to the speed-obsessed youngster, here’s our favorite Corvette-themed party ideas from around the internet.

Classic Corvette Birthday Cake

Source: Karen’s Kakes Studio

What’s a birthday party without cake? This classic corvette birthday cake features a 61 Corvette for John’s 60th birthday.

Corvette Drive-In Movie

Source: Kara’s Party Ideas

Turn your Corvette birthday party into a classic drive-in movie by transforming cardboard boxes into little cars.

Gas Can Centerpieces


Source: Melissa Galloway Events

The vintage oil cans, hub caps, and checkered race flags are simple to recreate and will leave a lasting impression on guests.

Corvette Photo Booth

Source: Vicky Barone

Beep! Beep! What’s a party without a photo opportunity? Follow the tutorial for a DIY Car Photo Booth that will allow guests to recreate their Corvette dream with the snap of a flash.

Corvette Party Goodies

Source: Simone Made it

Don’t forget the goodies! It’s easy to get creative with a homemade pit stop, dipper sticks, spare tires, and more!

Of course, every Corvette birthday party needs a Corvette. Shop Rick Hendrick’s impressive new and used inventory and find yourself one of the best deals on a Corvette in the nation.

Tips For Keeping Your Corvette Running This Winter

The Chevrolet Corvette is a world-class sports car that delivers a high-level of performance and style. If you are a Corvette owner, you already understand the importance of keeping your ride in tip-top condition. Here are some important winter maintenance tips to keep in mind.

1) Wash and Wax

Before storing your Corvette for the winter, be sure to give it a fresh coat of wax. This will provide the exterior finish with an extra barrier of protection. You don’t want any impurities such as dust to penetrate the surface. Furthermore, make it a priority to always shield your Corvette with a custom-fit car cover.

2) Keep Your Battery Charged

It is no secret that batteries tend to lose their juice over time. A trickle battery charger is definitely a worthwhile investment. It will enable your Corvette’s battery to remain energized throughout the winter. The best part is that you don’t even need to remove the battery from your car.

3) Change the Oil

Always give your Corvette an oil change before storing it away for the winter. Old motor oil can cause corrosion to form on the various engine components. On the other hand, fresh oil additives actually help discourage any oxidation. When you finally fire up your Corvette during the spring, it will already be ready to hit the street.

4) Purchase a High-Quality Fuel Stabilizer

A contaminated fuel system is definitely a problem that Corvette owners want to avoid. After filling your ride with fresh fuel, add a fuel stabilizer. You only need to run the engine for about 10 minutes to circulate the stabilizer thorough your entire fuel system. You will not have to worry about any condensation building up within the tank.

5) Don’t Forget About Your Tires

Corvettes come equipped with high-performance tires that ensure the optimum traction. However, leaving your Corvette parked on a hard surface for an extended period of time can cause flat spots. Avoid this problem by slightly overinflating your tires. Contrary to popular belief, putting your ride on blocks is not a good idea. This could actually cause the shock absorbers to gradually leak.

6) Protect Against Pests

Depending on where you store your Corvette, rodents could pose a problem. Placing moth balls inside the engine bay will certainly deter mice. While putting moth balls around the vehicle is a good idea for some people, pet owners should use a different approach. Stuffing steel wool in your exhaust tips will give you an additional measure of security.

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Unique Holiday Gifts for Corvette Fans

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of pure American muscle as it dashes down the street. Windows down, Jingle Bells up – oh, what fun it is to drive a Corvette this holiday season!

With the holidays just around the corner, the search for the perfect Corvette-themed gift has begun. We’ve searched high and low to bring you our top picks for unique Corvette gifts for 2016. Whether you’re a Corvette enthusiast or a proud Corvette owner, we have the perfect gift below.

Corvette Ugly Christmas Sweater

There’s nothing ugly about this sweater. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a Corvette hauling a Christmas tree.


Corvette Wireless Mouse

For those times you have to be at your desk, but you’d rather still be in the driver’s seat.


Corvette Monopoly

Inspiring the next generation of Corvette enthusiasts one family game night at a time.


Performance Driving School

Experience the Corvette in its full glory, while learning to drive with the speed, confidence and finesse of a professional road racing driver.


2017 Corvette Grand Sport

Unique Holiday Gifts for Corvette Lovers

The ultimate indulgence, the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport would be the greatest gift ever.  With a 6.2L LT1 V8 engine, capable of 460 horsepower and 465 lb.-ft. of torque – it truly is oh so fun to drive. The Grand Sport combines signature Corvette DNA with ingenious engineering to create a stunning aerodynamic sports car with a wider body. Who wouldn’t want to see the iconic Corvette waiting for them under the tree on Christmas morning?

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Halloween In A Corvette

As the leaves begin to change and the weather cools down there comes a change in the air that will send chills down your spine. The nights become darker and longer coating the highways in complete darkness, but those bold enough still come out and play. These midnight daredevils are miserably fast and have deep raspy voices that echo as they tear down the highway. Their eyes that flash bright with determination but wait, there’s something different about them…costumes! Continue reading

Spotted: Corvettes In Popular Films

Corvettes easily captured American’s hearts on the road and it didn’t take long before they were stealing hearts from the big screen. These Corvettes in movies are only a small handful of the several films that have helped shaped Corvette into the elite and powerful muscle car that it is today.

Corvette Transformer

When the concept Corvette for Transformers was revealed in 2009, fans were amazed. Known as Autobot Sideswipe, it was built to represent Corvette’s past, present, and future. Elements from several Corvette generations found their way onto the concept, including the 1963, spilt rear window. The Corvette Transformer was interior and exterior was high in design, but so was the powertrain. The Corvette Transformer was a conceptual hybrid powertrain with a V8 engine with cylinder deactivation for higher fuel efficiency (Jalopnik). This preview Chevy put together to highlight all of their cars featured in the Transformers film, including SideSwipe.

The Last Stand Corvette

When The Last Stand premiered many fell in love with the film’s unexpected star, a souped up Corvette ZR1. The Last Stand Corvette was the perfect choice for the high speed and dangerous lifestyle of cartel drug runners. It blew through police blockades, SVU’s, and even beat out a helicopter. Chevrolet gave the film’s directors 7 Corvette ZR1s for shooting and when filming wrapped the directors were only able to give back two. Neither of which were in good condition.

Corvette Summer

There can’t be a list of popular Corvette movies without Corvette Summer. Featuring a young Mark Hamill, Corvette Summer was a wild tale of unexpected romance, thieves, and fast cars. The featured Corvette was a customized Stingray with right-hand-drive. For shooting purposes there were two Corvettes made. One still lives in the United States with a private collector while the other was sold to a collector in Australia. The original mold for the car can be seen on display in the National Corvette Museum.

Apollo 13 Corvette

It’s well known that Corvettes and astronauts have history. In the 1960’s Corvette made a deal with NASA to give each astronaut a new Corvette. So naturally when Apollo 13 was filmed, Corvettes were included. Tom Hanks’ character drove a red 1970 Corvette, which was featured in the well-known scene of it pulling up next to a Shelby GT350 at a stoplight. Gary Sinese was filmed in a Y-body ‘Vette as the grounded astronaut and CAPCOM.

Rush Hour Corvette

This 1972 convertible is better known as the Rush Hour Corvette. For ease of shooting purposes this 1972 is an automatic with a 350ci, 270hp engine. Chris Tucker, who is a fan of nice cars himself and a Ferrari owner, said he enjoyed the Corvette and thought it fit his personality. The original Rush Hour Corvette was auctioned off before anyone knew that there would be a Rush Hour 2. Fortunately, Ted Moser was brought in to transform a second black Corvette to match the original.

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The Elusive 2018 Corvette C7 ZR1

A Corvette C7 ZR1 May Be Among Us

There is no denying that Corvette has been up to something big. With the major recent investments to the Corvette plant expansion to the secretive late night track testing, Corvette has been buzzing with mystery. Finally light has been shed onto the rumors with multiple sightings of Corvette’s latest project, the 2018 ZR1.

Continue reading

Corvette Z06 vs. Viper ACR | Who Comes Out On Top?

Corvette Z06 vs. Dodge Viper

As an American made superpower car that is remarkably affordable and luxurious, Corvette will naturally always receive heat from supercar competitors. A rivalry has formed between the Corvette Z06 and the Dodge Viper ACR. Some may say the Corvette Z06 vs. Viper ACR is an unfair match, however, Corvette has never backed down from a challenge no matter the situation.

Both Motor Trend and Top Gear have taken the Corvette vs. Dodge Viper challenge. Head-to-head the Corvette is the more affordable and driver focused option. The ACR comes equipped with a track ready package and a more powerful engine. A few high level specs of each supercar are highlighted below:

2016 Corvette Z06

  • Z07 Package
  • 6.2L Supercharged V-8 RWD
  • 650hp/650lb
  • Under $98,000

2016 Dodge Viper ACR

  • Track Set-Up
  • 8.4L V-10 RWD
  • 645hp/600lb
  • Starting at $131,000

Corvette Z06 vs. Viper ACR Track Face-Off

Motor Trend drivers took both cars out onto the MRLS track to test how the Z06 handled being compared to the 10 time track record breaker ACR. Corvette Z06 came out only 3 seconds behind the ACR but six-tenths of a second faster than the Viper TA. The ACR comes with a very large jet-sized rear wing that helps keep the car on the ground making it better equipped for the demands of the track. However, the rear wingless Z06 isn’t to be overlooked. Top Gear says that the Z06 has one of the most sophisticated chassis-control systems in the world. Just don’t turn off the chassis-assistance systems unless you’re ready to take full control.  Motor Trend’s drivers agree that for Corvette to beat the Viper it would need a Corvette equivalent to the ACR track package.

While racing enthusiasts may choose to be 3 seconds faster, even the driving experts at Top Gear say that if you want supercar performance and everyday practically, it’s hard to think of a better choice than the Z06.

Corvette vs. Dodge Viper Practicality

After just a few hours of driving the ACR both Motor Trend and Top Gear drivers said their ears wouldn’t stop ringing and joked about how driving for too long may cause driver deafness. Without a racing harness the ACR also threw around its passengers and made for anything but a comfortable ride. The Viper’s air conditioning isn’t guaranteed to work and the brake and clutch pedals are switched. There is no expectation of comfort when driving the Viper, its sole purpose it to serve drivers as much power as possible.

On the other hand, Corvette has managed the incredible feat of combining supercar power with driver and passenger comfort. Each driver of the Z06 came out with a new appreciation for the power and fun of the supercar with the luxury of a comfortable ride. Jason Cammisa of Motor Trend says, “The Chevy feels as though it was actually engineered around the human body, and as such it’s an absolute pleasure to drive. The ‘Vette works with you to be smooth, comfortable, and fast, whereas the Viper’s interior does everything to make you not trust the car, yourself, or anyone around you.” Motor Trend finished up its day of competition on the track by voting the Z06 the most friendliest and livable car on a daily basis.

There is no denying the impressive speed and power of the Dodge ACR. However, when considering whether to purchase a Corvette or Viper the choice seems to be clear. For a practical car that can go from driving the family around town on the weekdays to causing trouble on the track during the weekends, the experts agree there is no better choice than the Corvette Z06.

Corvette vs. Lamborghini | Corvette Z06 Racing Lamborghini

When you think of American super muscle you think Corvette, but when you think overall engine power and performance superiority perhaps the Lamborghini comes to mind. On highways across America these two have come head-to-head and Corvette has always proudly held its own.

A Corvette Z06 vs. Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Challenge

Top Gear recently took the Corvette Z06 with a Z07 performance kit head-to-head against the Lamborghini Aventador LP700 Roadster and while it may seem like an easy one to call, even the driving experts on Top Gear were impressed. The 650bhp supercharged Corvette may be down in power compared to the 690bhp Lambo but to some surprise, they both weigh exactly the same at 1625kg. Both super cars reach 60 mph in about 3.0 seconds but the Lambo’s top speed is 17 mph higher at 217 mph.

As the boys took the two up into the hills of California the Z06 did not become a distant blob of color in the Lambo’s rearview mirror. Instead, the Z06 engine remained composed and fluid to the rough terrain of hills and was constantly riding the Lambo’s bumper. Up and downshifts came easily thanks to the seven-speed manual gearbox and Corvette’s exclusive use of Michelin Cup 2 tires combined with the Corvette Z06 racing performance traction management kept the Z06 grounded and on track.

After days of putting each car to its limit Top Gear’s very own Ryan says he cannot believe how fast and generally competent the Z06 has become (Top Gear).

Corvette vs. Lamborghini Chance Encounters

Several instances of impromptu Corvettes street races against Lamborghinis have surfaced on the internet. These videos below show just how capable the Corvette is even against some of the most expensive motor muscle available to buyers.

The Most Bang for Your Buck

It would cost you $445,300 plus tax (GM Authority) to own the Aventador Roadster featured on Top Gear while you can get a Corvette Z06 for around $84,000. Even with performance packages and all the add-ons, both Top Gear and GM Authority struggled to bring the cost of the Z06 well above $100,000. For the price, the power and control offered by the Corvette Z06 is truly unmatched.

Owning this pure American made power is possible today. Rick Hendrick Corvette has the largest selection of Corvette Z06’s in the southwest guaranteeing we have in stock or have access to your dream car. Shop our new inventory or contact a specialist today and make your dream a reality.