10 Corvette Barn Finds

For many Corvette enthusiasts, part of the thrill is finding the right Corvette to rebuild and give new life to.

Old farm town barns are notorious for hiding treasures for decades, patiently waiting for a picker to come through and discover what’s lying in wait.  These 10 Corvette barn finds are second chances at a second life. Each one discovered comes with its own history and potential for an exciting future. 

1.       Local Legend Found, 1957 Corvette Airbox

Image Courtesy of www.1957corvetteairbox.com

A local legend, this Corvette Airbox race car had been hidden away in an Ohio barn since the 1970’s. One man stood determined to uncover its location and prove its existence. With a promise that it would be restored to award winning standards, the owner decided to sell it and let it see the light of day for the first time in over 30 years. “With the help of GM engineer and Corvette historian Ken Kayser, the “4007” car was fully authenticated as the earliest known of the legendary AIRBOX racers, as well as the “pilot” car for subsequent RPO 579D production.”

2.       1959 Corvette “Fuelie” Reunited with Family 

Image Courtesy of www.superchevy.com

After hearing stories of his father’s beloved 1959 fuel-injected Corvette, Mike was finally given the opportunity to reunite with the Corvette at auction. For years Mike worked side-by-side with the man who bought the Corvette from his father but had little luck convincing him to sell it back to him. In fact, it was boarded it up in 1969 to keep away from persistent buyers. After the second owner passed away and had no family to leave it to, it went up for auction. Nothing was going to stop Mike, who had to cut down trees and barn walls to set it free. “I had to chain saw trees that were 16 inches in diameter.”

3.       1961 Corvette C1, Untouched for 44 Years

Image Courtesy of http://jalopnik.com

This 1961 Corvette C1 surfaced on eBay for sale. It was parked in a barn garage by its second owner in 1968 and never moved again. Suffering from no more than a broken convertible top mechanism, this C1 is being sold and given the chance to live again.

4.       1962 Corvette C1 Fires Up for First Time in 42 Years

Image Courtesy of www.superchevy.com

While being parked in a barn over 42 years ago, this Corvette C1 received little attention from anyone, except the barn rats. When Larry found it again, he also found a trunk full of N.O.S. parts still in their original boxes. Eager to get back on the streets, the Corvette C1 fired up on the first try.  

5.       Not Your Typical Grandma’s 1963 Spilt Window Coupe 

Image Courtesy of www.corvetteblogger.com

This barn find had been parked in 1973 and left there for over 40 years. Originally it belonged to an older lady who never drove it far. During a visit to the body shop the manager convinced her to sell it to him and then locked it away in his barn. It recently sold on eBay for $45,544.

6.       Modified 1964 Corvette Hidden for 30 Years

Image Courtesy of http://vettehead.com

When this 1964 Corvette was pulled out of storage for the first time in 30 years, several modifications were discovered, however, the original engine and transmission were still there. It still had a solid frame and suffered only minor surface rust. Overall, this Corvette was a great find with plenty of potential.

7. Victim of Michigan’s Weather

Image Courtesy of www.corvetteonline.com/

This 1964 Corvette C2 was only driven 67,044 miles back in 1973 before it was put away in storage. It has survived years of Michigan’s intense weather including plenty of snow and rain. It was stored with the top down exposing the interior to the dangers of water damage, but the body of this C2 remained solid. 

8.       An Out-Of-This-World Find

Image Courtesy of www.yahoo.com/autos

This 1967 Corvette Stingray is a great barn find by itself, but its unique history makes it truly one-of-a-kind. “This Corvette was delivered to Mr. Neil Armstrong the first man on the moon, on December 15, 1966 from Jim Rathman Chevrolet in Melbourne Florida under a program initiated by Mr. Rathman to provide our astronauts with a Corvette.” After driving it for a year, Neil sold it to a fellow NASA employee who then stored in away in 1981. In 2012 it sold on eBay for $250,090.

9.       1968 Corvette with 25 Years of Dust

Image Courtesy of www.ebay.com

This 1968 Corvette L79 hopped from barn to barn until it found its resting place of 15 years. After much convincing, the owner’s nephew was able to purchase it and has since enjoyed driving it around town and to several Corvette shows. Even with the dust, this ‘Vette remains a show stopper.

10.       From Basement to Barn, 1972 Corvette Stingray

Image Courtesy of www.msn.com/en-us/autos

This 1972 Corvette Stingray was bought brand new and stored in a basement until 2008 when it was transported to a barn. After time in the barn the owner brought it to auction where it received lots of attention and sold for $12,760. When the winning bidder went to pay for the Stingray, the original owner handed over a box full of every piece of documentation including the Stingray’s original title and window sticker.

If you have restored an old barn find we would love to hear your story, share with us on Facebook or Twitter. While we may not have 25 years’ worth of southern barn dust on our used inventory, we promise each one has a proud history and a bright future, and we won’t make you dig for them. Discover our used inventory.

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