The NCM Insurance Agency App

Corvette collectors can now put a virtual feather in their cap.

At first, it may seem like a dichotomy. Car collectors tend to look for time-tested classics, be selective, shrewd and have one foot in the past. Technology, like an iPad app, is advanced, streamlined and forward-thinking.

Sounds like Corvette drivers fit the description perfectly.

So it isn’t all that much of a stretch to think about a very cool new app from the National Corvette Museum’s Insurance Agency for people who already have or are just thinking about getting a collector’s item in the form of a Corvette (or other make and model car – the agency and app can handle more than just Corvettes).

The National Corvette Museum recently released an app to fit the classic-modern combo:  The NCM Insurance Agency. It’s perfect for current Corvette owners and Corvette enthusiasts alike.

So, what does this app do?

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