Why the Next US President Should Be a Vette Guy

If you just look at Corvette owner statistics, they are predominantly male and more than 80-percent are 40 years old or older. A ‘Vette’ Guy (I’ll use this as the majority with a nod to all the awesome lady Vette owners out there) typically loves watching car racing. They are also highly likely to modify their Corvette within a few months of purchase. Modifications can vary widely, but there is a sense of uniqueness a traditional Vette owner wants to feel for their car.

That’s the stats.

But what REALLY makes someone a Vette Guy (or Gal)?

Having a Corvette in the garage is not a necessity. Having once owned a Vette is though. It isn’t just about the throng of people out there who look lovingly at the sleek and powerful sports car as it passes them on the road. There are lots of Corvette lovers out there. And who could blame the really?

No, a true Vette Guy loves America. They are patriotic and believe in ‘buying American’. They take care of their things and they may (just may) put the love of their Corvette higher than say their girlfriend or wife (no judging going on here!).

They’ll probably own their Vette for longer than the average car buyer and they may own more than one. In fact, it is pretty likely that if they have one they may have (or want) an older model just for nostalgia sake.

They are loyal. They speak their mind and they aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

Now, why don’t we make it mandatory for a presidential candidate to own (or have once owned a Corvette)? Now THAT seems like a pretty smart prerequisite for the position.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Why the Next US President Should Be a Vette Guy

  1. Well, The current President of the United States saved GM and created a viable way for Chrysler to survive. His opponent wanted to have our US auto industry broken up. Saving GM and Chrysler saved 7 million jobs in total, when we look at the down stream effect of the two companies being broken up and sold off like Saab.

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