The Stingray is Back!


 The sheet has been pulled on the new Corvette, and like it or not, it’s out.  GM Design legend Ed Welburn said the team could call it the Stingray only if the design and technology of the car backed it up.  And I think it does.  Looking at pictures of the 1963 Sting Ray, I can really see the heritage of our newest Corvette.  Is it perfect? No.  But I think it is as close as possible.  No matter what area of the new Stingray you don’t like, the rest of it more than compensates.  If you don’t like the look of the rear end, no worries, because you’ll most likely just be staring at the front and side that you won’t even go to the back.  If you don’t like the exterior, jump in the car and enjoy the latest technology that the automotive world has to offer.

The 2014 Corvette Stingray will come in 3 variants, standard, Z51 Performance Package, and the Z51 Performance Package with Magnetic Selective Ride Control.  The Z51 Package will add bigger wheels and tires, dry sump oil system, electronic limited slip differential, larger front brakes with black calipers, unique shocks, springs, and stabilizer bars, differential and transmission cooling, and a specific Aerodynamic package.  The optional Magnetic Suspension is the 3rd generation of this technology, and reads the road every millisecond and adjusts every 10-15 milliseconds.

The interior of the Stingray is a place drivers will want to be.  In my opinion, the interior of the C6 was not that bad, it wasn’t exactly special either.  But the problem with the C6 interior was that the Car itself performed so well, it could only be compared to high priced sports cars.  And when you’re comparing the performance of an expensive sports car and a Corvette, you can’t help but compare the other aspects of the cars as well.  But all of that aside, the C7 is the cure.  I am extremely anxious and excited about getting behind the wheel and inside the cabin of the 2014 Corvette.  The car is lavished in luxurious and exotic materials that just invite the driver and passenger to come in and enjoy the ride.

We’ve seen what is to come with the C7, but now it is time to say good-bye to the C6.  And let’s be honest, the Current Corvette is a spectacular sports car.  And thankfully we still get to spend a few more months with it!

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