Rick Hendrick Corvette Desktop Wallpapers

Take a look at our new C7-themed desktop wallpapers! We’ll be adding new ones on a regular basis for you. We selected the most common sizes for visitors to the website, but let us know if there’s a size you would like to see us create for future wallpapers.

1600 x 900






We’ve even added some mobile wallpapers for you. We have created wallpaper for the iPhone 5 & 5s and 4 & 4s in addition to the Samsung Galaxy IV.

iPhone 5 & 5s

iPhone 4 & 4s

Galaxy IV

2 thoughts on “Rick Hendrick Corvette Desktop Wallpapers

  1. Great pics. I have a c6 crystal red couple 2008 that I did Museum Delvery which was a great experience! Will be looking to do a C7 in the Nxt year or so. Want to see them built for a while & and the ridicules prices they are going for go down…..

    Thanks for the pics!

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