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Take a look at the recent news about the Corvette from around the web:

To many, the Corvette is kind of obnoxious. It’s eye-candy for school boys and grown men who never lost their inner “boy racer.” But Corvette matters. Like the simple full-sized pick-uptruck, Corvette represents a vehicle that the American car industry, and specifically Detroit, does better than anyone else in the world.

It’s a “muscle” car, and Corvette is one in a handful of such cars that even the Japanese and German car companies marvel at because it is a design that their companies and brands simply can’t get away with. They produce two-door performance cars to be sure. But the Vette is something that could only come out of Detroit and have cred.


Automobile commended its excellent, 6.2-liter V8 calling the car’s performance “simply awesome” while also remarking that it is easier to drive fast than ever before thanks to steering and chassis tweaks. Following a theme set by other publications, there were also plaudits for the interior, of all things, with the buff book complimenting the car’s ergonomics and material quality, while also praising the standard seats.


The Stingray was named 2013 Innovation Vehicle of the Year in the $29,000+ Price Category. The award is voted on by journalists and analysts from the Motor Press Guild, the largest auto media association in the U.S.


But for once the Corvette isn’t solely devoted to horsepower and brute numbers.

Despite offering as much as 638 horsepower, the sixth-generation Corvette never shook free of the phrase, “for the money.” It was a great car, for the money.

The Corvette Stingray is just a world-class sports car, no disclaimer necessary.


Road & Track on Thursday announced its first “Best Cars” list, naming the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray as its Performance Car of the Year.

In reaching their decision on the Corvette, Road & Track editors tested 13 of the world’s hottest cars on mountain roads and the magazine’s private circuit.

“We selected the Corvette because it represents an incredible achievement,” said Larry Webster editor-in-chief of the magazine. “Not only is it wickedly fast, it’s now also a delight to drive on the challenging, twisty roads that used to be the car’s nemesis. Plus, it’s a real bargain and looks fantastic.”


Not to be outdone by the supercar-loving Dubai Police Department, the Dubai Fire Brigade recently obtained a new Corvette Stingray, according to Drive Arabia. No, it’s not as extreme as the Dubai cops’ Ferraris or Lamborghinis, but it can at least keep up for much cheaper, which is kind of the entire point of the Corvette.

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