For most Corvette fans, it was our dad who first sparked our interest in these amazing cars. With Father’s Day coming up this month, we would like to feature photos and stories about how your dad influenced your Corvette obsession. Click the link below to submit your story or send your photos to hendrickcorvettesocialmedia@gmail.com. You can also tweet your photos to us or message us on Facebook!

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One thought on “#ThanksDad

  1. My family owns a small used car dealership, where my dad always kept a Corvette. Some of my favorite memories were made driving them around town. When I got my license he started me out in a C4, and since I have had a few different ones, including a new C6 in 2012,currently I have a C5. My dad sparked my enthusiasm, and has fueled the fire since then. #ThanksDad

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