Corvette 101: The C2 Vette

The C2 Corvette is the second generation of the beloved American sports car. To this day, the first C2 retains its status as one of most stunning and exhilarating vehicle designs ever made. Chevrolet assembled the C2 model from 1963 through 1967. The ’60s were revolutionary times, and Chevy capitalized on this by reshaping its one and only sports car. The new body style was aerodynamic, attention grabbing and distinctive.

The C2 Corvette Concept

In the ’60s, the Corvette hit its stride. During these years, Chevy increased production from around 10,000 Corvettes per year to approximately 27,000 a year. Each C2 model features the kind of unforgettable styling known to create a Vette enthusiast out of even the most practical car buyer.

C2 Corvette Features

Leather seats, tinted glass and a plastic wood-grained steering wheel are just a few of the C2’s popular features. Air conditioning, power windows and power steering were other frequently added options. Later, a speed-warning indicator and telescopic steering column became available.

Under the Hood

Since Chevy made the C2 Vette for several years, the sports car came with engines of varying power levels. For instance, the 1963 base model delivered 250 horsepower while the 1964 Corvette featured a 360 horsepower engine. An engine that could produce around 500 horsepower was available in the 1967 edition.

C2 Collectible Value

The C2 Corvette was a car of many firsts. It was the first Sting Ray and fastback coupe. It was also the first car to feature a split back window even though the design element lessened rear visibility. Incidentally, this notorious feature makes the year desirable to collectors. The C2 Vette also led the way in technology since it was the first sports car to come with an independent suspension.

The C2 Corvette is one of Chevy’s most collectible models. In fact, picky Vette collectors often consider the C2 the feather in their cap, or it may be more accurate to call it the convertible in their garage. In considering value, there really hasn’t been a bad time to buy a second generation Corvette. By bringing one home, you’ll have the chance to be behind the wheel of a car that makes everyone else on the road drool.

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