Corvette 101: The C4 Vette

Chevrolet introduced the C4 Corvette at the end of 1982. The C4 is the fourth generation of the sports car model. Despite the introduction year, the C4 Vette did not become available to car buyers until 1984. Chevy made the model until 1996. Upon its release, reviewers noted that the new Corvette featured a roomy interior, digital instruments and a redesigned exterior – changes that were reminiscent of the 1963 Sting Ray.

Black C4 Corvette

C4 Vette Body Style

The word “sleek” should have been invented to describe the exterior of the first C4 Corvette. With a long, slopped front end that swoops toward the pavement, the 1984 Corvette flaunts a noticeable presence on the highway. Despite its differences to earlier models, the C4 maintains its classic ‘Vette identity. For instance, the model’s rear section has four round taillights, which are a major Corvette styling feature.

Corvette C4 Features

When Chevrolet’s design team developed the C4 Vette, they improved the sports car’s mechanics. For instance, the car’s suspension functioned with composite transverse leaf springs. The crew also converted the Corvette’s steering to rack-and-pinion, which was a first for the sports car.

Under the Hood

In the first C4 model, Chevy installed a V8 engine that was able to produce 205 horsepower. The car company boosted the sports car’s engine power in 1985. As a result, it emitted 230 horsepower. In 1992, Chevy managed to increase the horsepower even more as that year’s C4 Corvette was able to generate 300 horsepower. This amount of engine power was also available in the C4’s later models.

C4 Collectible Value

Since the C4 became available in 1984, Chevy wound up without a 1983 Corvette. The company did make a few prototypes, but only car number 23 survived. It is currently at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. Instead of constructing the C4 from fiberglass, Chevy made the vehicle from a sheet-molding compound. When looking at collectability, ‘Vette enthusiasts should consider investing in a 1989 or later C4 model.

With the C4 Corvette, Chevy proved that it could up its game. If you buy the right model, then you’ll likely see your car’s value increase over time. Whether or not your ‘Vette becomes worth more, when you bring one home, you’ll have plenty of muscle in your garage even if you can’t get it from the gym.

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