Corvette News August 2015

Here’s a synopsis of what happened this month in the Corvette world:

2015 Z06 Corvette Engine Update: Chevy is confident they have found and fixed all potential engine issues in the 2015 Z06, but does suggest that owners get an oil change after the 500-mile break-in point.

Previous owner reunited with his 1977 Corvette

Corvette Reunion: A 1977 Corvette brings tears or joy to its previous owner’s eyes. Yep, people love Corvettes that much!


Teal 1957 Ca Corvette

Trio of Corvette Firsts: Each firsts in their own right, these three classics will be auctioned off in Scottsdale this coming January.

1959 Corvette Purple People Eater

Purple People Eater: It’s back, and it’s upgraded.

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