Corvette is Proud to be an American Made Sports Car

Since the first Corvette concept was presented as a “dream car” at GM’s Motorama in New York in 1953, America has never been the same. American drivers have claimed the Corvette as one of their favorite American made sports cars and the relationship grows stronger every year.

Made for Americans, By Americans

The incredibly popular Corvette has settled their assembly plant in the quaint American town of Bowling Green, Kentucky, now employing over 950 residents. Corvette’s first home was Flint, Michigan, where on June 30th, 1953 the first production Corvette rolled off the assembly line. Next Corvette made the move to St. Louis where it settled down until the opening of the Bowling Green plant in 1981. All three of Corvette’s assembly plants have been located in American towns and proudly employed American workers with little outside material or labor needed.

Corvette Cares About America

Corvette puts as much importance on respecting the land of Kentucky as much as it does on hiring American workers.  The assembly plant features a wildlife habitat that spreads across 75 acres.  Local Boy Scout troops have installed bluebird boxes while local students planted sunflowers. Employees appreciate an environmentally friendly picnic area while the land enjoys only native plant species thanks to Corvette’s environmental team.

Number One in America

In 2014, the Corvette Stingray ranked number one on the annual “Made in America” Automotive Index. Up against 318 other new car models, the Stingray was judged on its headquarters, design, research, manufacturing facilities, and where the profits go once it is sold (Motor Authority). The 2016 Stingray has ranked third overall.

Investments That Give Back

In 2015, General Motors announced a plan to spend $439 million on a new paint shop for the Bowling Green plant. This work has begun and will be completed in 2017. The newest plans from GM include spending $290 million on technology and manufacturing process upgrades for the Bowling Green assembly plant. GM North American Manufacturing Manager Arvin Jones stated, “We are making technology investments that will continue to improve our manufacturing processes and ultimately the quality of our vehicles.” Although nothing has been confirmed, enthusiasts hope that these latest plans are for the redesign of the next generation Corvette.

The assembly plant workers will not be affected during the construction process and will be able to keep working their 8-hour, Monday-Friday shifts. Each time Corvette has invested in their American assembly plant they have added to the number of jobs available. Rumors are the next round of upgrades will create over 270 new jobs.

Corvette is the world’s longest-running, continuously produced passenger car and always has been and will always be made proudly here in the United States of America. The craving for Corvettes grows stronger each year and Corvette is proud to supply American sourced technology, manufacturing and labor resources large enough to handle the demand.

When you purchase a Corvette, whether a classic or a newer model, rest assured you are purchasing a true American made sports car legend that was built on American land by hard working American hands.








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