Halloween In A Corvette

As the leaves begin to change and the weather cools down there comes a change in the air that will send chills down your spine. The nights become darker and longer coating the highways in complete darkness, but those bold enough still come out and play. These midnight daredevils are miserably fast and have deep raspy voices that echo as they tear down the highway. Their eyes that flash bright with determination but wait, there’s something different about them…costumes!

These 5 Corvettes are enjoying the fun of the holiday. Don’t let costumes fool you these are still the most powerful American made super cars available.

Undead Drive Again

Those who have lived and passed and have the chance to drive again choose a Corvette. There’s no surprise here.


No carving necessary and any design possible. However, this Jack-O-Lantern may be better suited for the highway than your front porch.

Slice of Heaven

Talk about commitment! This Corvette combines two of the best things in life, a Corvette and pizza. We’ll take two please.

Fiery Fury

Dragons are powerful, fire breathing creatures that rule the air. It’s only right that this Corvette gets to spread its wings for the night.

Creepy Crawly

Hoods up to this Corvette for letting this spider crawl all over. Just make sure it doesn’t make it’s home under the hood.

Corvettes become treasured parts of one’s life and are the perfect car for those who live life boldly. Rick Hendrick Corvette has the largest selection of new and used Corvettes in the southeast and will gladly help you find the right Corvette for you. Come in today to get your Corvette before all the holiday fun begins!

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